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Re: What are consumer finance accounts?
A few years ago my wife and I financed a new A/C compressor for our residence through Carrier (the manufacturer) because the terms were quite favorable. Only afterwards did I realize that because the financing came from Citifinancial (the "consumer finance" division of Citibank), this was treated as a CFL for FICO scoring. Fortunately, on an otherwise clean history one Consumer Finance Loan is a very minor ding. The mailing address for Citifinancial was different from their prime credit card operations, as my wife and I both noticed. She and I both have individual Citibank credit card accounts that were estabished in the 20th century, so the mailing address for Citibank's prime cards was very familiar to us. Today, she and I both pay our Citi bills electronically so it has been a while since either of us sent any snailmail to Citibank, today I have forgotten their mailing address.
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