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Re: those with credit scores near or over 720

I'm kind of perplexed, looking at some of these responses, about why my score (EQ FICO) is as "low" as it is.  I have 0 baddies, and a 16-year credit history with an AAoA of 6 years.  Maybe it's too many recent HPs (4 of them - bleh) and the fact that my utilization was reported at 14% when I pulled the score?  (It's not actually 14%, but I pulled it at a time when I had done a balance transfer recently and both the transferred from card and the transferred to card were reporting the balance.)


My score was 732, but that seems kind of low, considering.  I do have a lot of student loans - all current, some in deferment, but I didn't think that would make a huge difference.



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