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Re: Just got my social and a bad surprise

The score sold at the TU website is called a VantageScore. The only lender I know of (could be more of them) that uses the VS is Chase for some of their decisions.


No one has been able to buy their own Experian FICO score since February of 2009. Creditors can pull Experian and also there is a CU (PSECU) in Pennsylvania that supplies that information to it's members only. You can only buy true FICO scores at a few places. One place is here at myFICO. The TU FICO here is an older version (TU98) but it's still pulled my many lenders.


At one time you could also purchase your Transunion score at but no more. Wal Mart now offers a TU08 score to those who have their store card and the Discover version.