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Late payments after charge-off
On my Experian and Equifax reports, I have a Bank of America account that shows late payments taking place within the last 10 months, while the account had a last activity date ranging from Nov 2002 to Aug of 2003 (the 2 reports varied). 
I don't understand how someone can be late on an account 3 - 4 years after it had been charged off.  My credit reports that I had received directly from those credit bureaus do not reflect those recent lates, only the myFICO reports do, and I have a feeling that these recent lates are negatively affecting my score.
I spoke with a rep of yours a few months back and he had told me that those recent lates are very likely hurting me, and he suggested that I dispute with the credit bureaus directly.  Although they were not showing on the credit bureaus reports, I followed that advice.  The reports came back looking the same (without those lates), but they are still showing on the myFICO reports.  
(Equifax ended mixing mine and my brothers files which dropped my score further, but that's another story).
My question:  Can you guys remove the lates that had taken place AFTER the last activity date, especially when those lates are not even showing on the credit reports issued by the credit bureaus directly?  
Thank you for your anticipated help and for opening up this type of dialogue with your customers.