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Re: Late payments after charge-off
My EXPERIAN report directly from EXPERIAN reads:
30 days as of Feb 2003....  then 60, 90, 120, 150, 180, C/O follow right after.  No more "late payments" from that point.
My EXPERIAN report from myFICO reads:
30 days late  -  6 times
60 days late  -  1 time
90+ days late - 3 times (Dec 2006, Sep 2006, Oct 2003)
All I've asked was for Fair Isaac to remove those dates next to the 90-day late field?  EXPERIAN does not even have those lates.  The Fair Isaac rep told me I would have to dispute it with the credit bureaus directly... I did... the credit bureaus came back with the same info that they've always had, WITHOUT those lates.  Fair Isaac took it upon themselves to add those dates.
This is done with EQUIFAX as well.  The only one that is reported accurately is TRANSUNION, which also happens to be my highest score.