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Re: MyFICO TU98 vs Lender Pull TU

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Good morning Forum,


I got the myfico TU98 score today, and it is listed at 655.  I am refinancing my house, and my mortgage lender TU score was 699....which is a 44 point jump.  I am sooo thankful that the mortgage company does not use the same scoring model that myfico does.   My middle score would have been in the 650's if they had used TU98 (either TU or Equifax).  However, at it stands, my middle score is 678 (Experian).


This goes to prove how important utilization is when calculating your FICO score.  With TU98, my utilization is 28%, but when Amex is not factored in, my utilization is 15%.

A lot of people have reported large variances with TU98 and TU04, I'm glad that this one worked out in your favor Smiley Happy


Good luck with your refi - what interest rate are you looking at ?

3.875% with the lender paying 1 point....i guess i'm saying that correctly.  I have an FHA mortgage, and i'm taking advantage of the new FHA streamline refi program that just went into effect last week.

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