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Re: 11 month or 1 year, does it really make a difference?
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sunshine7157 wrote:

sunshine7157 wrote:

Yeah. Let us know when you find out. I expect a pretty decent bump in your score. Great job!

I would also suggest trying to get a credit limit increase on the cc you already have, but only if it can be done without a hard inquiry (and that depends on the cc). But if you can pull that off it would report at the higher line next time it reports & that also tends to influence future credit lines.

Yeah, I'll probably be contacting my CCC tomorrow to see about a CLI.  I used their chat support today, and they said there is a good chance it wouldn't have ot be a HP, so I'll call in tomorrow to actually request it, and they'll let me know whether or not it will require a HP before they actually submit the request.


I'm assuming I have a good chance at getting a decent increase considering I've been with them almost a year now, always PIF, never late, and I've never requested a CLI thus far.


I'll let you know.