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Re: Expanded "FICO High Achievers" (scores of 760 and above) characteristics list

Having a WalMart card allows their account holders complimentary access to their TU08 FICO score on a monthly basis. I don't use myFICO because they use the TU98 model, plus having the WalMart card gives me my TU score for free. Smiley Happy

myFICO Starting Scores: TU 643 03.10.09 EX 676 01.09.09 EQ 638 05.24.09
Current Score: (WalMart FICO) TU 792 04.03.13 (Mortgage Lender - HP) EX 745 02.06.13 (Mortgage Lender - HP) EQ 771 02.06.13
Goal Score: 800+

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