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Re: Our Forums' FICO High Achievers: Who has at least one FICO Score of 760 or above?

I feel kinda bad posting here after not really being active on the forum... but I have been lurking and a member at myfico for a long time as I worked on my credit. I signed up for quarterly monitoring the other day since I want to begin preparing for buying my first house, and found that my TU score is now 774! I've had lots of ups and downs over the years, including a horrible period about 8 years ago which finally dropped off my report, so it's a really nice thing to see!


Of course, this is only a piece of the picture as I've worked toward owning my own place (something my parents even hardly ever did - we had a house of our own for just a fwe years before they got divorced, and since then my father's gone bankrupt, and my mother's been close...), and I've tried my best to budget consciously and educate myself in personal finance. I'm even taking a class offered by our local governmental chapter of HAND this month on home ownership (part of the reason for getting the report now), and I think I might even have the best score in the class! Haha, although it's generally designed for low income people, so I suppose it's not surprising... not that I'm high income at all, but that's another thing I have to consider in pursuing a mortgage.


Anyway, I suppose just after hanging around the site for several years now, I'm happy to finally be able to post in a thread like this. Smiley Very Happy