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Re: Equifax FICO and Equifax Score

R_W_ wrote:

hmm.... well I see several of your members recommend USAA, so I tried that as well and that too has all 3 scores in the mid 700's.  I also ran my TransUnion on myFICO and it is in the mid 700's


It seems as though the only one that has the issue is myFICO and only the equifax.  The difference between that single score and all the others sees to be averaging 100Pts.  I have read through all sorts of the posts of these sites and that doesn't seem like a common problem... 40 points, yes....100+?  Not really....I feel as though there is something I should dispute, I just don't know what.  myFICO Equifax is showing this one account as a recent late payment, when it is obvious when you look at the payment history that there is only one late payment and it was back in March of 2009.


I tried the link below, but I don't think it takes me to what you intended.  It takes me to to a matrix where you can compare their 3 most popular products, one of which I already have purchased.  As I browse thei site, I do see that they offer score power, but isn't that what I have with myFICO?  I don't want to pay for something that I am already getting from your site.....

Yes they are both the same version of Equifax (Beacon 5.0). Of all the places you list only myFICO offers true FICO scores. The version of TU sold here is TU98 which is an older version but the EQ score here is the same EQ score used by most lenders at this time.


Also even if all the information on all your reports is exactly the same (which is very rare) there will likely be differences because each CRA uses different scoring formulas to calculate a score. There is more than a 50 point spread across my 3 scores so it's not unusual at all.