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Re: Equifax FICO and Equifax Score

maiden_girl wrote:

The credit scores purchased directly from TU, EXP, and EQ via website are called credit PLUS or FAKO scores. They are not a reflection of your true FICO scores (the scores lenders use). The FAKO scores are typically higher than your true score. There is no point in purchasing those scores as it does not give you a true picture of how lenders view you as a buyer. They even list it on their website in tiny tiny writing that the scores they sell are not the scores lenders use to determine your credit worthiness.

You are correct that all of them sell FAKO's but different versions.


EX does sell PLUS scores

Transunion offers VantageScores

EQ sells their own FAKO "Equifax Credit Score" but they also sell the same version of the EQ FICO (Beacon 5.0) sold here. You have to be very care at the EQ website.