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Re: Equifax FICO and Equifax Score

Paying pff a car note wouldn't drop your scores like that. Your mix is unimpacted and I'd guess a possibility of a slight gain due to adding an extra $0 balance.


Don't rely on your SW alerts to alert you to changes. It'll only show a net gain or loss when there could have been any number of things on your CR that changed and couple have produced a drop like that. In other words, SW alerts don't show the full picture. Pull your EQ report from somewhere and study it in great detail. If it says there's a late, look over your reports in detail. Especially look in your Accounts page (if pulled from myFICO) to see if any red-flagged accounts updated or changed. Your alert is indicative of that.


BTW, EX = Experian and EQ = Equifax. FYI just in case anyone looks at your siggy.