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Re: Equifax FICO and Equifax Score

Thanks, I fixed my EQ EX typos. 


Also, the day that this happened I pulled that a report and looked at it and looked at one I had pulled a few months before to compare.  The status of the car loan had been "paid as agreed" and showed the one late payment back in March of 2009 in the transaction history.  When I paid it off, it changed my status from paid as agreed to 30 days past due.... when you look at the transaction history you see that the only past due is back in 2009.  I called the company, they said that is not how they show it.  The other bureaus have "paid, closed, WAS 30 days past due" and those scores remained well into the 700's.  Only myFICO seemed to be impacted negatively by me paying off this car loan and it was a big hit.


Everything else is the same or better (lower balances) between the 2 reports... it really had to be this. 


Over the weekend, I got an alert that my score "went up" to 687.... so it is still low...


I don't know what to do... I am thinking of calling one of those credit counseling people to see if they know how to get it straigtened out. 

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