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Re: Lenders see different scores than consumers do

kimfl wrote:

Does this mean that if I go to another lender (which I am doing), they may get that same 636 score that I got at I sure hope so.

The same EQ FICO as on here is used by probably 99% of the lenders out there. The TU FICO may or may not match. YMMV on the lender. Most lenders use a newer version as on here. The EX FICO that was offered on here once upon a time is the same that 99% use, but too bad we can't pull that anymore. Once in a blue moon you see a mention saying their lender used a special score that weighs a lack of credit history. Some lack a history of opened accounts and that can cause FICO to return a no-score. In cases like that, some lenders use a special score to factor in alternative means like utilities and so on.