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Re: Lenders see different scores than consumers do

Correction, this was Relscredit, and it was with Wells Fargo. After a little bit of research, it appears that Wells Fargo uses their own credit scoring system and not FICO. Seems like a scam to pull lower scores and charge people more money. Please correct me if I'm wrong on this.



Relscredit is just a  service that pulls the info from the CRAS and puts  together the trimerge report for them, they do not do any calculating or scoring of any kind.

Wells Fargo uses the same standard FICO scores the rest of the mortgage industry does....looking at the trimerge pulled on me in April, EFX Beacon 5.0,  Experian FICO-II, and TransUnion Fico Classic 04  (the mortgage guy I spoke to on the phone was kind enough to send it to me by mail afterwards).