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Successful Dispute on EX; will others update automatically?

Been trying to get a late payment removed from my reports. It's the only account reporting negative. Ended up filing a dispute with TU and EQ. Both came back un-updated, no changes.


Filed the same dispute with EX and got a notification this morning that the offending late was removed! My USAA EX score jumped 20 points (yes, I know it's not the real FICO, but it's all I have for EX). I'm really appreciative of the change from them as now my EX report is spotless. However, pulled my EQ from MyFICO this morning and no changes even though this morning's USAA refresh shows no lates for EQ/TU. Though my USAA scores did NOT go up for EQ or TU, only EX. 


Question: Will the creditor update TU/EQ for me on its own? Do I need to file another dispute w/ TU and EQ? What's the best way to go about this? Not really sure why the creditor changed EX but not the others in the first place...