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Re: Successful Dispute on EX; will others update automatically?

In such a situation, there should be no need to file a new dispute with each CRA if the furnisher had followed the requirements of the FCRA.


The CRAs arent required to share dispute results.  Rather, the FCRA places the burden on the furnisher of the disputed information to provide any correction or deletion to ALL of the CRAs they have reported the disputed information to, and not just the CRA that handled the dispute.  FCRA 623(b((1)(D).


The fault is with the creditor for not having fulfilled their obligation to report the results to all the CRAs.

I would contact the creditor and remind them of their statutory obligation.  If informal requests do not work, then I would file a direct dispute with the furnisher for their failure to have complied with section 623(b)(1)(D).  Keep the CRAs out of it.