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Re: Lenders see different scores than consumers do

Wow, this is a very eye opening thread. I had been excited recently when I checked my credit reports and scores. Last year around this time I didn't have a credit score at all. Now, I do and I was happy to see that they looked relatively good. Rethinking it now.


My Equifax score is said to be 725 on this site. That's up from 709 as of about 3 days ago which is what it was when I initially checked it on the 11th of this month(August).


My TU score from transunion's site was said to be 734 on the 2nd of this month(August).


And my Experian score through to on the 11th of this month(August) was said to be a Vantage score of 673.


In reading this site, I saw someone mention a site by the name of so I went and signed up with them just now and the Vantage score they gave me is 736 which is a huge jump(63 points) from what I got back on the 11th through to


So then I went straight to experian's site( and in signing up to see your credit score, it takes you to and just now I got what they called both a "Plus Score" as well as an "Experian Score" of 717.


I felt good about it until I read this thread. Smiley Very Happy


Will continue to work on building up my credit as much as I can.