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Re: Lenders see different scores than consumers do
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Leoseamus wrote:
I requested a pre-qual from Chase for a mortgage and they pulled my Equifax score at 684 in May. I have checked my own scores at the end of august, and they are substanially higher. This site is reporting it at 762. How can there be such a dramtic difference?

Something is not right here. A Mortgage application will pull all three scores and qualify you based on the middle score. The EQ FICO will be exactly the EQ FICO sold here.


What paperwork do you have from the mortgage application? Look at your EQ FICO from here. The score for EQ should match.


I am wondering how you could have an EQ FICO of 762 since you refer to some negatives and seem to indicate not having a long history. I suppose it is possible that "bad credit card debt" means just high debt without any late payments. Are you looking at your EQ FICO report? 762 is really good.