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Score went from 666 to 632 - why?

I went bankrupt and got my discharge 10/2011.  I checked my score in Febuary and it was 666.  


I was surprised it was that high, but happy about it.  


I have not applied for any credit in the past 12 months. 


I have continued to pay my car loan on time.  


I have a 'revolving account' with my credit union which allows me to get up to $250 against my next pay check.  I have used this option a few times as I only get paid once a month and the last week can be tough sometimes.


Anyway, according to this recent report my Amount of Debt went from VERY GOOD to VERY BAD.  


I do have a $250 loan that is scheduled to be paid back when I get paid Friday. The account shows "pays as agreed" with a scheduled payment of $250 and credit limit of $250.


Is my amount of debt "VERY BAD" because I have a debt equal to the total credit limit?  That is all I can think of.  My car loan is the only debt I have now and that is lower since Feburary.  


Once the credit union reports back the $250 is paid, how long will it take for my score to go up? A month...or less...or more?


Thanks for any insight!