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Fico Score did not improve after 7 month credit card activity

I Last checked my Eqifax Fico score 7 months ago. It was suggested that I start using my credit card and pay the balance immediately to show activity. (was not using credit card) Well I have done just that and my score has not moved, not even 1 point, still exactly the same as 7 months ago. In fact my credit report says " ... no recent activity on card ... "  I have been using the card for 7 months! It was said in forum, after about 90 days of credit card activity, my score would improve. Should I appeal this score?  I have a 20 year credit history, average age of account is 10 years, only 2 delinquent accounts 60 days late, both very old, one of of which is 6 years 1 month and the other 5 years 9 months old.