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Re: Fico Score did not improve after 7 month credit card activity

"you have a serious delinquency .... " I have 2 accounts listed with 60 day lates, one is 6 years 1 month old, the other is 5 years 9 months old.


"There is no recent activity on your credit cards." That is wrong, I have 7 months of activity on my credit card.


Two accounts listed with red flags, the two just listed above, both old, one 6 years 1 month old and the other 5 years 9 months old.


I have 3 open accounts, all current with no delinquencies. The last delinquent account reported is 5 years 9 months old.


Postives: " you have a established credit history"


" Your paying bills on time"


" you have many accounts in good standing"