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Re: Fico Score did not improve after 7 month credit card activity

Thank you so much for all your comments. I stopped using my cc after they increased the rate from 5.5% to 15.9%. Was paying everything with a debit card. 7 months ago, decided to use the cc and pay fast to avoid interest charged and only to show activity at suggestion of this forum. I have no need for a second card, would not use it. I'm 66 and retired, don't need to buy a lot of stuff as before at a younger age.


Still want to report the error, I have had 7 months of activity on my cc and for this new Fico cr to say " I have no recent activity on my credit card" is wrong! I want that corrected. I paid for the report and it s not accurate. How do I get it corrected please?


Thank you.