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Re: Fico Score did not improve after 7 month credit card activity



I do understand what your saying. The CC holder is sending me monthly statements after the purchases and it is being reported to the credit bureaus because on the Fico Equifax CR it states under the CC account: " Last activity August, 2012. "  So if I'm receiving monthly statements from my CC holder and that last month of activity in August is reporting on my CR, then the Fico score model should be reading this activity.  Instead, the scoring section on my report states: " There is no recent activity on your credit cards" as a negative.  I could give it a month or two, but after 7 months, the scoring model should not be reporting " no activity "


This is in error and is hurting my score. I don't max out the card, just small purchases.  I want to report this and have it corrected.