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Re: Fico Score did not improve after 7 month credit card activity

I still think we are off...  Just having the CCC report that the account is active does not prove activity.   FICO scoring wants to know that you can handle a small balance on your CC.  


Anyone could get a card and put it in a sock drawer and never use it.  This does not show good use of credit, it shows that you could obtain credit and not that you could manage credit.  If you open a CC and put it in the sock drawer, the CCC will still report that the account is active with a $0 balance.  If you use it and pay it off before the statement date then it will report a $0 balance as well.   So this has the same effect to FICO.  


From what other have said on these boards to obtain the best scoring you should have at least 3 CC's with all but one showing a $0 balance and 1 reporting a balance of less than 10% of your overall available credit.

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