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Re: Fico Score did not improve after 7 month credit card activity

If I put my credit card in a sock drawer for a year with no balance and no activity, the credit report will state, active, zero balance and report the activity as being a year old. That is what I was doing 7 months ago. A forum member suggested I needed to start showing activity. So for the past 7 months, I made small purchases, received monthly statements, paid off the balances.  This is showing recent activity, I'm getting monthly statements, paying them, and the CC holder is reporting the activity presumably for the last 7 months. I let 7 months lapse since I started using the card, to get this activity established on the CR. I pulled my CR yesterday, and found last activity on CC account as being August, 2012, but the scoring model incorrectly states " there is no recent activity on your credit cards".  The moderator above said 7 months is not long enough time for the scores to change and that well may be the case, but the scoring model is wrong to report "... No recent activity" and needs to be corrected.