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Re: Fico Score did not improve after 7 month credit card activity



Am I correct that you have only one credit card of any tyoe? IE Store card, VISA Mastercard etc. Can you pull your Equifax credit report from annualcredit ? I would be curious  ot see what the date of last activity  is that is reported on that credit report for this account/s. If it is also reporting 2010 I would call the credit card company and have them coreect the date of last activity that is being repprted.




Equifax My FICO score 815 5/28/2012, 818 on 7/28/2014 . Average of Accounts 12 years and no Installment accounts. MyFICO TU 810 6/26/2012 809 4/21/2013 MyFICO XPN -805. 2/26/2014 Discover TU FICO 813 App free since 9/2011