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Re: The elusive FICO EX
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FICO scoring can be so much fun. I put a balance on a second card, one that's used for utilization, and the two things affecting my FICO score have been replaced by two other things.

You have too many credit accounts with balances.
You have a consumer finance account on your credit report.

I guess they just have to list something. Smiley Very Happy

But I do find it interesting that an EX of 819 can be accomplished having more than one card with a balance and at the same time also having a double digit utilization. Wouldn't be correct to say that not a day goes by when these two pieces of advice, a small balance on one card, aren't favored?

Still, the before mentioned 844 may be well out of reach for me, because what if the most you can achieve depends on the state you live in? It might sound crazy enough to be true!