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Re: The elusive FICO EX

my-own-fico wrote:

I guess they just have to list something. Smiley Very Happy


Yup, I've asked a similar question in the past and someone responded saying that if you have no significant negative things on your credit report for them to mention, they just pick 2 things to put on there anyway even if it's not really a "real" negative.


My EX FICO was 824 for like 3 months in a row then dropped to 762 for no apparent reason.  No new loans, no sudden high utilization, no applications for credit.  Maybe it's my student loans kicking in since I just finished school and the no payments required grace period ended? Currently climbed back to 782 after 4 months.


PSECU EX FICO currently says I have too many credit accounts with balances (I only have 2 credit cards and one has a $0 balance on it) and too short of a credit history (AAoA should be over 5 years I believe - no idea what would be considered "not short" for history).

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