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120 late or paid collection - which is better?
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Hi Experts,

I have a question regarding scoring.  I am trying to get one of my scores up a little, and think I found a way. Before I start any disputes I wnat to be sure it won't hurt me any if that's possible.


EX is my weak score @ 646 and TU is my strength @ 692


The reports are exactly the same, everything is reported the exact same except one item. 

Verizon collection account last activity Aug 2011

EX is showing 120 day late - $0 balance

TU is showing payment after charge off/collection PAID (edit)


Would it make sense that 120 day late hurts more than a paid collection?  If so I would lobby to have the status changed to paid after collection. 


Please give me feedback if you have any info on these matters.


Thanks a lot.



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