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Re: How To Determine AAoA?

maiden_girl wrote:

My AAoA was 1 year and 9 months but I recently opened three new credit cards (at different times this year) and now my AAoA is 9 months. I have a feeling its going to drop even more soon once my latest credit card starts reporting.


I was appropriately corrected once, and I'll pass this forward, but your AAoA didn't change. FICO rounds down to the nearest who number so your AAoA was 1 year. But what I didn't know until recently was that FICO will always score you with an AAoA of 1 year. So, at 9 months, it doesn't round down to "0", but your AAoA remained at one year. No AAoA change for you. On the flip side though, if you hadn't opened up those CCs, in 3 months it would turn 2 years. Now it will take a year and 3 months before it hits a year. On the whole, one or two years doesn't make a big difference. It's all good.