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Re: Somethings you might not know about how FICO is calculated

ilovepizza wrote:
I wonder how many people in other score systems (like auto) that base risk information take in to account that people like me do things to improve their scores? My FICO score went up a lot, and my auto risk score went way down. I was only applying for credit to improve my score, while they say people that apply for credit are higher auto risks? Sometimes I would like it if they would just score each of us alone rather than in a group. I don't really fit in and get burned by it.

I've noticed that my auto insurance risk score was extremely sensitive to recent Inqs.  Much more so than a new loc. I have also seen these scores go in opposite directions as a result.

I have reestablished credit over the last couple years
so my moniker is, well, rather out of date.

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