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Re: Score Watch & Score Changes
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SW doesn't alert to balance decreases (only increases), though will provide a score alert if your EQ FICO changed and hit or surpassed your target score found within the Settings. Also, absent any credit alerts (e.g. balance increases, inquiries,, new accts, acct changes, etc.), your EQ FICO is monitored every week or so.


So...if your statement date was today, then your Equifax report should update within 2-3-4 days or so, depending on the creditor. Your EQ FICO is monitored every week assuming nothing else triggers a credit alert. So, if you have no other changes, and your EQ FICO surpasses your target score, then you should get an alert within a week to week and a half or so. IME, most of my alerts come on a weekend and wouldn't be surprised if something came this weekend.


ETA....I should add that not every balance pay down will result in a score increase. It's a YMMV-thing based on your credit. FICO looks at individual and overall CC util. If your overall util changed by a great deal, then there's a good chance for an increase.