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Re: Lenders see different scores than consumers do

I totally hear you! Same thing happened to me. I was outraged that my scores I had been paying for were completely different. (that was from a "service" called - I think it was Equifax) It's just another way for the credit bureaus to screw us. They sell us these BS scores and "alerts" and "watches" and it all turns out to be bull. And there are some that say we don't NEED regulation on this bull**bleep**????  **bleep**????  These bastards are just getting rich off of decieving practices. They are thieves plain and simple.


Now, after reading some of the posts here. I'm wondering if I'm getting ripped off yet again?  I took Suzie Orman's "advice" and signed up for MYFICO thinking that, at least here, I might get the true picture. And now I'm reading that THESE may not be correct either?????  What's the freaking truth???? Anybody?


Also, can anybody tell me if I should close unused credit accounts?  SOME say that I should leave them open as having more accounts in good standing will help my score. HOWEVER, some other's say that my score is hurt by them because lenders see that I have access to alot of credit and THAT'S risky?  Again, **bleep** is the truth?  Does anybody really know?  OR, is this whole SCORE thing just a way for lenders to justify charging some higher interest reates than other??  I tend to think THAT'S THE TRUTH!


What do you all think?