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Re: How accurate is TU scoring from here?

jwills1218 wrote:

I didn't look at the TU report as carefully as I should have!


Eq: Negative


Merrick Bank




Wffnb - Room Store


Balances/CL: (Shows exactly the same as TU)



MB: $941/$950


Cap1: $467/$500


TU Negative:

WFNNB- Room Store acct (2008) *Same as equifax*

Citibank (student Loan Dec 2005) *Not on equifax*

Paypal (30 day late 2008) *Same as eq*

Citizens (30,60 late, redeemed repo) *Same as eq*


Barclays shows as no lates

Other WFNNB as no lates

Merrick Bank no lates


That's clearly what is helping my score! I have 1 negative on TU that doesn't show on EQ but I have 3 negs on EQ that don't show on TU!


I'm hopeful this month i see an increase. My balances now look like this:

Amex: $4150/$4200

Amex: $775/$1000

MB: $0/$950

Cap1: $0/$500

BestBuy: $1900/$2500



You've definitely put a dent in your util, congratulations! I wouldn't be surprised if you saw a bump in your score since you dropped your util from basically maxed out to around 75% util, and you've also now got two accounts with $0 balance which also factors into your score. Keep plugging away at those balances, you may just find some pretty good score increases when you get below 30% and then again below 20% and, finally, below 10% overall. Of course, the myFICO mantra of YMMV is always at play, so keep that in mind. Smiley Happy

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