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First Fico Score Questions

Hey guys, I opened up my first EVER credit card on May 1st, I've had no other credit history besides a few inquiries before this, no lates, no other trade lines what so ever, so the beginning of my credit life was on May 1st, right?


I've read, that once you open your first trade line, it takes 6 months before it reports and you are given a FICO score, is this true? Question 1.


Will that 6 months (or other time frame) be from the date I opened the card (May 1st), or 6 months after my first statement (June 13th)? Question 2.


Other info that may help answer my question,

My card is a Capital One Secured with a 1,000 dollar limit, I've never been late and have no other possible negatives.


Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you.


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