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Re: anyone want to take any guesses?

llecs wrote:

Will AAoA (as seen by FICO) drop? Not enough info. Assuming you aren't rebucketed, and assuming you haven't applied for or received anything new in over a year (assumption), I'd guess 25-30 loss on FICO in total. If rebucketed, then up to 40-50 (happened once when adding 3 new TLs...was 100% baddie free and hadn't app'd for anything in over a yr at that point). This is all outside any consideration of any util change, which would impact these numbers, for good or bad.

I have applied for 2 CCs in the past year before these. I have a charge off so hopefully I wont be rebucketed. Either way im interested to see what happens. My WM card shows already with no drop in score, but I have 2 more coming :/

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