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Re: Score Watch & Score Changes

akameme wrote:

that would be awesome.   It's interesting because this thread prompted me to check my cc. We had a zero percent for a year offer, it was paid off just before the year ended, but we were still charged interest because "it was during the statement cycle." They reversed the interest - after I called - but I know I expressly asked them when it had to be paid by and they said September 1, not August 12 which was when the statement cycle started.


Our credit was pretty good, until we applied for HELOC, it dropped 30 points! I'm hoping this will push it over 750 again...

okay let said if you paid all your credit balance down to 1%

One credit card you have $10 balance last month.

There is a setting on Credit Alert . if you set Alert on $1 balance increase. Or 5% increase on your bill. Or set the credit score at your current score so either your score go up or down.....they will give you an alert and your newest score...Is that make sense ?


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