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fuzzybean wrote:

I pulled my credit report (all 3) on 7/5/12.  My scores were 679 (Experien), 633 (Equifax) and 627 (TU).


A few minutes ago I purchased my FICO scores (from this site) and they were 697 (Equifax) and 704 (TU).


Why are the numbers so different?  If only Equifax and TU can give you your real FICO scores, then why don't they do it on your actual credit report?  And, if we were to refinance our car for a lower rate, which would the lender look at?

I know it gets confusing with the FICO vs FAKO thing. 

1)EQ:  Most of the stuff on their website is FAKO, if you look hard enough, you can find a FICO product, or you can buy from myFICO.


2)TU:  From their website it's a FAKO, from myFICO it's an older version of your FICO score.  They have different models.


3)EX:  All FAKOS, EX doesn't allow consumer pulls of their FICO score.  It must be lender pull.

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