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Re: What is the appropriate status for a paid/closed installment account?

I have a similar situation and would appreaciate any thoughts on this.  Several years ago Mar-2006, I paid off an installment loan.  At the time of the last payment, I was 30 days late.  Flash forward to Sep 2012, from the reporting end on EQ and TU , the "Current Payment Status" on myfico, reads "30 Days Past Due", however the balance field  on the account reads "$0" .


So, if I am a human, this situation looks obvious to me (Balance is zero, therefore nothing owed, case closed).  However, when i look at the "Accounts" summary page, the account shows in the balance field "0" but unfortunately "Status" appears as "30 Days Past Due".   I've disputed this with the OC and they fall back on, that was the status when we last reported and suggest there is nothing they can do. 


I realize I've only got 6 months and the account will come off completely, but I hate to think that all this time my fico score was calculating based on me being 30 days past due.  Anyone have a similar experience and any resoluction?