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What does that even MEAN???

Got my trimerge report from the mortgage person.  TU lists "too many accounts with balances" (1 revolving, the rest are installment?), and EX lists "proportion of balance to high credit on revolving accounts" (granted, EX UT is at 25% right now, but that's not outrageous, I wouldn't think)


And to tack on a rant: I HATE the way student loans are handled.  I consolidated this year and got hit with 4 brand-spankin' new accounts, dropping my AAoA.


And, for information's sake, the "potential score improvement" on EX is a max of 709, presuming I were to optimize the utilization.  TU would be a max of 709 as well, EQ is maxed at 685, but I still have a paid state tax lien reporting on that one.  All 3 have a single major derog account from 2007 I am desperately trying to GW off.


I've given up trying to make sense of it and I'm not going to micro-manage the minutiae anymore.  Use my dang cards, pay them off, and keep hammering away at the 2 baddies.

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