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Re: Transuinon versus equifax score
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ESO wrote:


Could anyone pls help shed some more light on these two Agencies  when it comes to scoring ? I have a 61 point difference between the two for years . With TU at  694 and EQ at 757. 
I modified my mortgage over 3 years ago 
I had a dent on Cr from a student loan but was paid off immediately 
And a dent from property tax public record issue was also paid off quick 

Late response, but are the reports from TU and EQ line-item identical?  I presume you're pulling the scores from here at myfico?


If the same between both positive and negative tradelines, then do you have an Amex charge account?  Balances on that get cacluated on the TU '98 version found here whereas they are ignored for the revolving utilization metric with FICO '04 and later models which the EQ report here is (FICO '04 specifically).


Beyond that not sure what the differences could be justifying that big of a swing.  There are certainly some other differences between the '98 version of TU and the '04 version for EQ here; however, 60 points is quite a bit from decently prime, to incredibly close to gold-plated in this case on EQ.


In any event I'd review the report data closely.  In my case my TU report is even worse than my EQ one, but has always trended about the same or slightly higher in the pulls I've performed here.


Congrats regardless on the seriously pretty EQ report / score Smiley Happy.




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