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Re: Just paid down UTI, anxiously awaiting

Nella wrote:

Well I only received a 13 point increase.  I am up to 605 for my equifax score and I am at 43% UTI.  Hopefully it will be

better next month once I pay down the rest.  I really need to have a mid-score of 640.

You should get another boost paying it down further.  How far out is your mortgage?  


FICO can start moving fairly quickly depending on your report: in my case I didnt have much of anything positive and some random sins of my youth still on the report when I started this building plan back in December '11;  was expecting 640 by the end of 2012 and instead hit it back in July much to my surprise and ironic regret... really needed to sort out my old tax lien months ago and I could've gotten clean for a mortgage this year instead of next year.  Oh well live and learn Smiley Happy


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