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Re: Account added and no increase?

I would expect some boost, but again, it depends upon all the info in the AU account.  With a solid age of account, low util, and no derogs, it will be positive.

However, if its util creeps up or the account has a derog, it could hurt.  You need to watch that AU account.


FICO likes to see muliple revolving, as it places high weight on effective util of discretionary, revolving credit, and likes to see plural revolving.  The addition of the revolving account along with the installment should produce an improvement in credit mix.


The other overall factor is that you will now have three TLs reporting, which will move you into a "thick" credit file, putting you into an improved scoring category.

That's a "bucketing" criteria, apart from individual category scoring.


Lotsa stuff going on simultaneously, so hard to say yes or no.......