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Re: Will this increase my score?

The sooner you get 3 credit cards the better. It has become generally accepted on these forums that 3 credit cards are needed to maximize your scores. That score from is a FAKO not a FICO. It has no bearing on what your actual score, pulled by a lender would be. My FICO (This website) is the only place to purchase an accurate score. You can only purchase an Equifax or TransUnion score here. Experian scores are not available for consumers to purchase anywhere.


Your problem, and the problem you will have for the next few years, is that you have what we call a "thin file". That is little to no credit history. The sooner you get more credit the better.


My suggestion to you is as follows:


Apply for a Walmart credir card today. As long as you don't have any negative information on your report you should be approved. When you sign up for electronic billing you will get a TU08 FICO score for free. Don't worry if they start you out with a small credit line, they are very generous with credit line increases.


Having 2 cards reporting will be much better for building your scores and history.


Once you have these cards reporting for 6 months you will be ready to get another card.

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