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If you only have 1 CC, 0 or 1% util?
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So I've read quite a bit about util, however, I never came across anything that applied directly to my situation.


I currently only have 1 TL reporting (CC) and my AAoA is 1 year (had the CC for about 1.3 years).  I know people often say you want one card reporting 1% and the rest reporting 0%, but how if you only have one card?

With 0% util:

TU98: 796

EQ: 742.

With 1% util:

TU98: 770

EQ: 746


With the thought in mind of applying for 2-3 new cards, which do you think will look the best?  I know my AAoA will hurt me, but speaking strictly util-wise, is it better I have the freakishly high TU with only 1 TL, or let the 1% report and have the lower TU and slightly increased EQ score?


Side note: I have no baddies on my report whatsoever (very thin file, this is the only thing reporting on it, period).