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HELP figuring out what to do next..need to fix score!

My husband and I lost everything about 5-6 years ago due to serious health problems (he ended up getting a heart transplant).

There are a few things on the credit report we need help with.  Please excuse me if I don't know all the terms etc used but I will explain it the best I can.


Our mortgage:  We were foreclosed on (told to get out after missing one payment in 8 years).  The last activity was shown at 10/07 (one year after our last payment was made).  They did sell the house and are still reporting each month.  Is there anything we can do about this or just have to wait it out?  We have his COE from the VA and are wanting to purcahse a home but we have to get some of this takes care of first.


Auto loan.  His truck was reposessed 2/2007.  HSBC sold the account to Credit solutions corp.  They are reporting it twice.  They have the same info on both accounts but have the account number on one and HSBCAUTO- and the same account number as the other account.  Can we do something about this?


Also there are a lot of unpaid medical.  But one is showing as a credit account.  Now it is with the same agency (Central Financial Control) as the others but they have it listed as a credit account instead of unpaid medical bils like the others.


Lastly, the report I pulled told me when things would be removed.  The one the lender pulled of course did not.  I have marked everything but some of the dates I don't understand.  I know it is generally 7 years, can anyone tell me 7 years from what date?  Last reported?  Last activity or payment?  If it is last reported and they keep reporting for years like they have it will never go off and we can never start over.


Also what is the BEST way to rebuild credit.  We don't want any large payment like vehicles, we paid cash for our vehicles and do not want payments.  But something that would help raise the FICO and not really effect our pockets.  We have paid cash for so many years payments really scare us.