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Re: Our Forums' FICO High Achievers: Who has at least one FICO Score of 760 or above?

I started in October of 2010, with a TU score of 603. I now sit at 797...and largely, because of the education I got from this forum. Kind of a good story.


I had never paid any attention to my credit until one day I received a notice from the local marshal that my wages were to be garnished, and that there was an $8,000 judgment against me by some scummy law firm. Turns out, it was completely fraudulent. It took almost a year of battling, but I won. On the day I finally won, the attorney asked me in the hall outside court if I wanted to talk settlement before we went before the judge. I said "Sure. I'll take $2000." I knew there was NO evidence, and at a previous hearing, the lawyer had won a continuance to "pull more information." I told the judge if I had to come back to court again over this suit, I'd be asking for sanctions, and costs, and the Judge said I was within rights to do so. The attorney tried to intimidate me, but I knew there was no evidence at all and this was fraud, pure and simple. So, what happened? When I asked for $2,000 the lawyer said, "OK, smart guy, suit yourself," in a very angry tone. And then, 10 minutes later, my name was called by the bailiff, who told me I could go home, my case was dropped. What happened? The plaintiff's didn't show up. Turns out, rather than face the judge, and sanctions, the lawyer LEFT! Just minutes after trying to press me to settle with them, he bolted. I won the case, had the judgment removed.


That situation, however, made me pay attention to my entire report--and it was not good. Very small Verizon collection from an old phone accout. DirectTV my old roommates had skipped out (but was in my name). And, an IRS lien, even though I'd paid the debt. Also, a misreported student loan with a 90-day late, an old CC account with five 30-day lates.


Now, I could have mucked this up and made it worse, but thanks to the advice here, I was patient, and persistent, and took a smart course of action. Had the Verizon and DTV accounts challenged off after months of wrangling. Took advantage of an IRS policy and had the lien deleted. Got the CC company to Goodwill remove the entire account (it was paid in full, and the company had re-aged the account when it was bought by another). And, had the evidence that my SL was misreported, and had that fixed. Took just over a year. Today, I have a clean sheet.


I have since gotten a great mortgage and bought a home...