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Re: Our Forums' FICO High Achievers: Who has at least one FICO Score of 760 or above?

LilyBee wrote:

What's an AAOA?


My scores have always been above 800, since I started using this website in 2008.  My highest was 830 in 2009.


I haven't changed the ones on the Forum yet; but my latest scores are:  TU: 808; EQ: 811, on 9/23/12.  I'm not bragging, I just hate to charge anything except to keep my score up with some activity.



aaoa =average age of accounts. 

its about 15% of your score. 


so say you have 1cc that is 10 years worth of good reporting 

and then you app and get another card. once it reports. your aaoa would be 5 years since you have 120 months +1 month divide by 2  so a 5 year aaoa would be all your cards ages by month they were opened divide by the number of accounts you have. 


also if you have loans and other things on there you have to factor that in as well. 


even though i have a 2 year card history for 2 cards i have a bunch of cards that are new so my aaoa is about 7-8 months at the moment. 

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