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Doing this backwards while paying off debt.
Well I would love some advice. I originally consolidated my debt which was $18500 on a installment loan back in March with interest rate of 14% and 5 years.
This past summer I got serious about a budget and paying off this loan in 18 monts so I can be consumer debt free before buying a new home for my growing family. I am considering taking advantage of 18m balance transfer offers to get interest rate down to 0%.
My Penfed card has a CL of $12500, a discover with $8900 and BARCLAYS with $5000 all have 0 balances. My current utilization is 4% and my FICO scores are 740-776.
I know I will take a huge FICO hit by doing the balance transfers and increasing utilization but it would save me $3500 interest and I would have it all paid off in 18months.
I do not want to max out the cards so I was thinking $6000 on Penfed( no balance transfer fee at 4.99 for life), 6000 on discover and $4000 on Barclays
Any thoughts? Am I being ridiculous lol
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Re: Doing this backwards while paying off debt.

Sometimes finances trump FICO. I'd consider it as an option.

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Re: Doing this backwards while paying off debt.

If not apping for anything currently, who cares if scores takes a bit of a hit.  Save money, pay it off.  Besides your scores will go back up after you pay it off.  Good luck.

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